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News and Notes from LDMconnections - July 2015


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News & Notes from LDMonline

Welcome to the latest issue of LDMconnections, the quarterly newsletter especially for LDMonline customers.

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Updated Logon Protocol

You asked, we answered! The latest upgrades to LDMonline include an improved logon process. By implementing user email address and passwords, access is now much friendlier and easier than previously while maintaining a high level of security.

Subscribers using the same browser and computer will rarely be prompted for login credentials. For your protection, if you change browsers or machines or block cookies, you will be prompted for your email and password. Passwords may be reset at any time.

We work to ensure your experience with LDM exceeds your expectations - please continue to let us know how we can improve!

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Visit the LDMonline User Guide for more information on using My Notes.

Maximize Your Subscription with My Notes

LDMonline’s new and improved “My Notes” feature is better and more useful than ever! Now when you select a listing, your date-stamped Notes automatically appear as part of that listing – just below the contact information in the heading of “You’ve got notes!” – without any additional clicks.

Notes can be printed, searched and shared with colleagues to highlight important information, such as experiences with opposing counsels, referrals, court personnel or agency resources, as well as conflicts of interest or adversarial expertise. All your notes stay intact as LDMonline content is updated.

Private* or Public – Because your subscription to LDMonline is unique to your firm, notes are confidential within your firm or private just to you.

Searchable – Make notes today and find them later by searching on keywords or any other text included in your notes.

Personalized – My Notes are the easiest way to keep personal contact information not included in public directories such as cell phone numbers and social media.

For more information and “how-to” screenshots about My Notes, please see Page 5 of the updated LDMonline User Guide.

*Subject to our Privacy Policy

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Check your listing's accuracy today!

Update Your Listing: Deadline for Print Edition is July 31st

‘Tis the season for making sure your print listing is up-to-date. While LDMonline is continuously updated, our print versions are published annually and are scheduled for production soon. Thousands of lawyers still rely on the traditional Lawyers Diary and Manual so make sure your listing is current!

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We Want to Hear from You!

Call us at 973-642-1440, ext. 2, to learn about subscription options for your firm or to share your anecdotes about how using LDMonline has impacted you or a case you’ve worked on. 
And as always, your thoughts and comments about product improvement are welcome. So that we may better serve you, please reference your LDM Number .


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