From a basic  attorney listing to a complete family of legal books and online legal  directories

Since the first Lawyers Diary and Manual was published more than 100 years ago, legal professionals have trusted the annual volumes to provide comprehensive, reliable reference information. Technology has changed over the years, but our mission has remained constant: to help the legal community connect.

A professional research staff continually compiles and edits the information that appears in the printed "Red Book" as well as the web-based LDMonline, so that our subscribers can efficiently focus on the practice of law rather than the "who and where" of law.

Strict attention to detail ensures the inclusion and accuracy of every listing – for law firms, attorneys, courts, government agencies and others – in every edition. LDM investigators research diverse public sources of data and personally verify through direct inquiry names, contact information, filing fees, court terms and motion schedules and much more.

No other legal publication invests the time and effort required to deliver a reference volume of this quality. This is one of the many reasons the Lawyers Diary and Manual has been the definitive resource for lawyers and their staffs for more than a century.

How it began

Aaron Skinder and Frieda Pickman graduated law school in New York City in 1929. Instead of practicing law, they decided to create a firm that would provide products and services to the legal community.

They began a courier service in Newark, N.J., running papers between firms and courts. In 1939, they launched a directory of legal community members to facilitate the sending of documents. In addition to starting their firm, they married and started a family.

Their directory became quite popular and began to take on a "life" of its own. The two attorneys then purchased a statewide attorney directory and legal guide that was first published in 1888 and continues today as the New Jersey Lawyers Diary and Manual.

Today the company is operated by a combination of Aaron and Frieda’s grandchildren, professional managers, and attorneys in senior management positions. The entire team is proud to serve and be a part of our legal community.