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News and Notes from LDMconnections - April 2015


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News & Notes from LDMonline

Welcome to the latest issue of LDMconnections, the quarterly newsletter exclusively for LDMonline customers.

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Why do you trust LDMonline? Subscribers share their favorite content and features.

Find results fast & accurate information

Web searches take time and yield inconsistent displays and often unreliable results. LDMonline is just the opposite! No distractions, an intuitive interface, continually updated content, professional productivity calculators and the information I need quickly – so that I can move on to more pressing business. I find the best connections in LDMonline!

Useful contact information

When I need to send confidential correspondence or a package but don’t have the address, LDMonline is where I turn first. Many firm websites provide only a general firm contact or a form that must be completed. But with LDMonline, I quickly find the contact information I need – including email addresses – in a consistent format. With a simple copy/paste I am able to use the information with just clicks, and then I’m done!

Up-to-date resources and fee schedules

My client called about a motor vehicle police report and wanted to know what “6.13(a)” means, as it seems to cost $500. With LDMonline I found the answer almost instantly. From appellate court procedures to zip codes and useful topics in between, LDMonline provides answers in printable, shareable charts.

In a word – calculators

I’ve used other calculators on the web that when printed, include advertisements, odd formatting or just look shoddy. LDMonline calculators are professional-looking, accurate and personalized with our firm name, providing date, jurisdiction, judgment, loan and present value. They’re printable, shareable and easy to use.

Experts & Services

I recently needed a video production service familiar with our court rules and acceptance standards. I quickly found a reputable provider using LDM’s Experts & Services directory, which includes a wide range of categorized service providers with details so that I could make an informed decision.

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Get the Most from Your Subscription and Get Things DONE!

Here are just a few links to examples of helpful resources to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your LDM subscriptions:

LDMonline User Guide (updated April 2, 2015)

LDM Product Comparisons – Click on your state to determine which version is right for your practice:

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New York

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