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681 Lawlins Road, Unit 45
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Contact: Chad P. Frank
(212) 964-3006
Fax: (212) 964-3008


Landess-Simon, Inc. has covered the legal photography industry in New York City since 1915, and is the premier commercial and legal photographic firm in the New York City metropolitan area. As legal photographers Landess specializes in personal injury, trip and fall, pedestrian knockdowns, intersection layouts, and flood and fire photographs. In addition, Landess-Simon, Inc. also does videography for the same legal specialties as well as a day in the life of videos. Our services provide large exhibits for trial, blowups, mass printing, electronic displays, and downloads. All prints are professionally labeled, and Landess-Simon, Inc. incredible experience, reputation and longevity are widely known among judges in the New York City area.