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Arch Engineering, LLC is a multi-disciplinary forensic engineering firm specializing in failure investigation, analysis and reconstruction for the legal, insurance, construction and public safety industries, as well as other private sectors.

Our experienced experts are dedicated to providing services which deliver the best results possible by fully utilizing its many years of expertise as well as new technologies as they arise in the continuously-evolving forensic engineering industry.

Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
Arch Engineering, LLC provides a full range of services to investigate and reconstruct all types of accidents, regardless of size and complexity. The process Arch uses is:
1. Investigate the scene and records (documents, photographs, etc),
2. Analyze findings,
3. Report conclusions,
4. Develop exhibits for the trial process, and
5. Testify to explain findings and conclusions.

Traffic Accidents
Traffic accidents are particularly complex given the many factors involved, including velocity, road conditions, vehicle conditions, weather, and human reactions. Arch Engineering, LLC has the focus and credentials required to properly assess all these factors to provide accurate findings. As investigative tools and procedures advance, Arch acquires credentials to match the latest advances.

Premises Liability
Premises liability law requires those in possession of land or premises be responsible for certain injuries suffered by persons on their land or premises. Arch Engineering, LLC evaluates and reports on hundreds of private, public and commercial premises liability cases for compliance with authoritative codes such as NFPA, ADA, BOCA, and ICC for successful settlements.

Product Liability
Product liability law holds manufacturers, wholesalers, vendors, and distributors responsible for products that they put into the marketplace which they knew or should have known were dangerous or defective. Arch Engineering, LLC has extensive experience in evaluating and reporting on the defects and failures which caused personal injuries, mechanical failures, explosions, water damage, and mold.

Fire Investigation
Fire Investigation is the process of determining the origin, cause and development of a fire or explosion. To ascertain the cause and effects of a fire, Arch uses the following process:
1. Interview witnesses,
2. Locate origin,
3. Excavate origin,
4. Evaluate evidence,
5. Review all findings, and
6. Report conclusions

Engineering Inspections
In ascertaining the safety and stability of any structure, Arch Engineering, LLC is well-qualified to prepare initial visual inspections and in-depth inspections based upon the scope of work.

Expert Witness
Credibility is the key of every case; it is important to retain an expert witness who can prepare a thorough analysis and provide excellent independent testimony. At Arch Engineering, LLC, we have the required experience to thoroughly analyze the causes behind failures and successfully testify in a manner which is easy for the jury to comprehend.

Industrial Accidents
An industrial accident is a sudden unforeseen event due to any cause, which happens to a person, arising out of or in the course of his/her work, and resulting in an employment injury. Through extensive experience, Arch Engineering, LLC knows that industrial accidents come in many forms, including construction activity, faulty guarding, electrical injuries, and poisoning, to name a few.

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      (866) 234-5040

      IN BRIEF

      Himad Beg, a native New Yorker, is a graduate Civil Engineer and licensed Professional Engineer with over a decade of experience in the dual fields of Forensic Engineering and Construction Management. In the realm of Forensic Engineering, Mr. Beg has performed accident investigations and inspections, professionally documented accident scenes and authored Engineering Reports on over 250 accident cases. As a Construction Manager, he has managed over $500 Million dollars of critical infrastructure construction and rehabilitation for government agencies in New York and New Jersey. Key responsibilities have been to ensure Contractor Code Compliance, Quality Control and Site Safety.


      • Premises Liability
      • Slips, Trips and Falls
      • Elevators & Escalators
      • Scaffolds
      • Construction Defects
      • Product Liability
      • Industrial Accidents
      • Traffic Crashes
      • OSHA Violations
      • Construction Management
      • Construction Claims & Dispute Resolution
      • MPT Plans & MUTCD Compliance


      BS Civil Engineering -2001
         NED University of Engineering & Technology
      OSHA Construction Safety Training - 2003
         New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
      Traffic Control Coordinator Training - 2011
         Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT)


      Professional Engineer’s License
         New York #90005
         Delaware #16702


      • OSHA - Construction Safety & Health Training Certification
      • American Concrete Institute (ACI) - Concrete Field Testing Certification
      • New Jersey Society of Asphalt Technologists (NJSAT) - Asphalt Paving Technologist Certification
      • Rutgers CAIT - Traffic Control Coordinator Designation


      • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
      • National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
      • Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)
      • New Jersey Association of Accident Reconstructionists (NJAAR)


      Arch Engineering, LLC, NJ
      Co-Founder & Professional Engineer
      Jan 2012 – Present

      Provide Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness services to Attorneys for accident cases (investigated over 250 accidents as a Consultant Engineer with Apex Engineering). Author Engineering Reports documenting investigation findings and provide Expert Testimony.

      Apex Engineering Co., NJ
      Consultant Engineer
      Oct 2001– Dec 2011

      • Investigated and professionally documented over 250 accident cases.
      • Premises Liability - Investigated premises liability accidents involving the following:
        • Sidewalks, Walkways & Entranceways (sudden change in grade, failure to warn, improper maintenance, slips, trips and falls)
        • Stairways (residential, commercial, improper construction, missing or improper type of handrails, inadequate lighting)
        • Pedestrian Ramps (improper grade, lack of handrail, ADA non-compliance)
        • Asphalt Pavements & Roadways (potholes, improper drainage, inadequate lighting)
        • Scaffolds (fall down, improper use, deficient planks)
        • Elevators and Escalators (failure to warn, defective design, improper maintenance)
        • Sidewalk Cellar Door (unsafe operation)
      • Reconstruction of Traffic Crashes – Investigated and reconstructed traffic accidents involving vehicle collisions. Calculated initial pre-collision speeds of vehicles based on field data collected.
      • Industrial Accidents – Investigated industrial accidents involving human-operated machines (lack of safety mechanisms, lack of warning labels, inadequate employee safety training, improper personal protective equipment, lack of machine guards).
      • Co-authored Engineering Reports, which documented investigation findings and cited applicable property maintenance and/or building codes and/or other nationally-recognized safety standards, including OSHA, ADA, etc.

      Ammann & Whitney, NY
      Resident Engineer
      Nov 2006 – Present

      Lead Resident Engineer providing Construction Management and Inspection services on Critical Infrastructure projects. Enforce OSHA compliance, MPT and MUTCD compliance, ADA standards compliance and compliance with contract documents and local and state construction codes. Experience in estimating change order cost and negotiating with Contractor on construction claims. Projects successfully completed include:

      • Rehabilitation of Henry Hudson Bridge, NY
           Client: Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) - Bridges & Tunnels
      • Rehabilitation & Reconstruction of Interstate 78, Newark, NJ
           Client: New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)
      • Construction of Roadways, Sewers & Water Mains, Queens, NY
           Client: New York City Department of Design & Construction (NYCDDC)
      • Reconstruction of Wittpenn Bridge, Kearney, NJ
           Clients: New Jersey Department of Transportation & Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ)
      • Construction & Security Upgrades at Hillview Reservoir, Yonkers, NY
           Client: New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP)

      Vivian B. Goldblatt
      (866) 234-5040


      An Accident Reconstructionist with over fifteen years of experience in accident scene investigation and reconstruction with solid analytical, technical and communication skills to serve as an Expert Witness.


      Software Skills: Crash Animations, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, SPSS/MiniTab, MS Office, MS Visio, MS SQL, MS Project
      Management Skills: Six Sigma, Project Mgt, Basel II, ISO 9001:2000
      Regulations Skills: Life Safety Codes, DOT, IESNA, NHTSA, BOCA, MUTCD, ICC, OSHA


      Traffic Crash Reconstruction, Institute of Police Technology and Management
      Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation, Institute of Police Technology and Management
      At-Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Homicide Investigation, Institute of Police Technology and Management
      Certificate in Six Sigma - Black Belt Level, Villanova University
      Masters Certificate in Applied Project Management, Villanova University
      Machine Guarding, National Safety Council
      Slips, Trips & Falls, National Safety Council
      Stormwater Management, National Safety Council
      Dale Carnegie Course, Dale Carnegie Training
      Bachelor of Arts (Dean’s List), University of Delaware


      2011 - Present

      Co-Founder and Accident Reconstructionist

      • Conducting field inspections, interviewing relevant parties, analyzing basic data, researching relevant regulations, writing accident reconstruction reports, developing exhibits, and communicating findings.
      • Cultivating excellent long-term relationships with clients, maintaining open communications and facilitating win-win results for clients.
      • Managing ongoing scheduling, inventory and reporting through enterprise resource planning software.
      • Planning and structuring resources necessary to sustain growth of the client base and the firm.

      2003 - 2011

      Accident Reconstructionist-Consultant, 2006-2011

      • Interviewed injured parties and eye witnesses, and analyzed basic data as initial fact-finding phases.
      • Conducted field inspections of accident scenes to ascertain points of failure and causations, including grade, lighting, traffic control devices, time and motion, coefficient of friction, and sound and motion.
      • Researched pertinent regulations, codes, guides, and standards to substantiate findings.
      • Co-wrote over 300 accident reconstruction reports involving premises liability, traffic crashes, industrial accidents, construction disputes, and product liability.
      • Developed relevant exhibits to support favorable trial processes.
      Data Manager and Technical Writer-Consultant

      • Investigate local and national building codes to write and edit accident reconstruction reports.
      • Build and maintain relational database to manage workflow, case, and client data in one data warehouse.
      • Research, install, and implement advanced technologies that vastly shorten project lifecycles.
      • Develop and implement effective operations systems which enhance efficiency and productivity.
      • Upgrade CRM relational database to handle more queries, functionality and increase user-friendliness.

      Operations Analyst-Part-time Consultant
      • Examined operations to ascertain reasonable ways to increase productivity while saving money without risking a decrease in quality.
      • Proposed cost effective means to streamline operations with regard to technology and processes.
      • Generated a customized office organization package to track and prioritize project tasks and data.

      2001 - 2003

      Project Manager, 2003

      • Successfully directed cross-functional projects for servers, routers, CRM dbs, and desktops/laptops with user acceptance testing.
      • Analyzed changing conditions and developed appropriate solutions compatible with PMO policies.
      • Interfaced with stakeholders, including clients, managers from different lines of service, and analysts.
      • Led and coordinated efforts that upgraded Norton Anti-Virus on over 200 servers within 2 months.
      Quality Management Representative, 2002
      • Continuously engineered and implemented effective processes to improve operations and client services.
      • Developed and delivered on-going quality management training for over 35 staff members and managers.
      • Performed monthly walkthroughs and weekly spot checks to diligently verify ISO 9001:2000 compliance.
      • These efforts earned CSC their first Global ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
      • Won two “Recognition Awards” for outstanding Teamwork and Technical Excellence.
      Project Control Analyst, 2001
      • Mentored Project Managers on PMO policies, processes, and procedures on an ad hoc basis.
      • Supported Project and Program Managers by tracking end-to-end financials, reconciling project plans with budgets and schedules, arranging status meetings, taking minutes, and communicating with resources.
      • Assisted Quality Management Representatives with resolving compliance issues.
      • Designed and generated bi-monthly reports summarizing the PMO staff’s productivity levels.
      • Quickly promoted based on strong performance supporting Project Managers and the Quality Team.


      Project Manager-Part-time Volunteer

      • Initiated and established methods, policies, processes, and procedures based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge, such as project plans, action item logs, risk and issue logs, and dashboards.
      • Developed a satisfaction survey to quantify foundation members’ opinions, feelings and suggestions.
      • Authored a proposal recommending methods to increase community service participation.

      DADE-BEHRING, New Castle, DE

      Contract Administrator and Billing Analyst-Consultant

      • Analyzed and proactively resolved price list errors to hinder clients from being invoiced incorrectly.
      • Evaluated and reconciled invoice issues caused by data transfer errors between HP and SAP databases.
      • Produced Excel PivotTables detailing staff effectiveness weekly to assist Managers with prioritizing work.
      • Ranked # 1 out of 28 employees for handling and resolving the most invoice issues.

      MBNA AMERICA, Newark, DE

      Independent Consultant

      • Provided real-time status on critical issues to Top Management.
      • Recorded and arranged Y2K test plans and results to track compliance.
      • Coordinated multiple recurring reporting deadlines for Y2K compliance.
      • Served as a Team Member on the Global Contingency Task Force.


      • “You have a very professional manner and did a great job working with our staff and finding out what our real needs were!” – Klas C. Haglid, P.E., former Client
      • “Vivian is always the calm in a sea of chaos!” – Sharon Marmon-Kaczorowski, Ph.D., former Manager
      • “Vivian is consistent, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful and a pleasure to work with.” – Lisa D. Adams, former Mentee