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News & Notes from LDMonline - 09/24/2014


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News & Notes from LDMonline

Welcome to the latest issue of LDM Connections, the quarterly newsletter exclusively for LDMonline customers. Read on for the latest tricks and tips to help maximize the value of your subscription.


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Download a PDF of the LDMonline User Guide

Sharpen your LDMonline search results

When starting your search with LDMonline, less is often more.

1. Begin by performing a search on the most basic criteria – a last name, for example – to ensure the initial search is broad enough to include the results you need.
2. Narrow the results by selecting a category or jurisdiction from the list that appears on the left. A full display of listings in that category will appear in the center.
3. Select a listing to see full details including contact name, address, phone, email and more.

Consult the LDMonline User Guide for more introductory info and for tips on advanced features!



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Useful Features

LDMonline offers unique features to help manage the contacts you reference most often:


Copy – Replicate listing information without re-typing


Bookmark – Flag specific directory entries for future reference


vCard – Download listings to your Microsoft® Outlook® contacts


Notes – Insert searchable private or public notes on any entry


Print – Print contact info or notes on a listing



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Explore More!

In addition to its comprehensive directory information, LDMonline is a treasure trove of valuable content referenced every day by legal professionals. Check out the Resources/Fees and Calculators to find all the information you’ll ever need!



Date Calculator
Jurisdictional Lookup Calculator
Judgment Calculator
Loan Calculator
Present Value



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Providing trusted listings, fees, rules, calculators and more is no trivial pursuit! In just the past year LDMonline:


Had nearly 4.3 million updates and additions made to the database, tracking 530,000 attorneys and another 485,000 members of the legal community


Averaged more than 95,000 searches performed per month


Supported over 25,000 hours of research by an elite team of LDM researchers



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Is your name on this list?

Fun Facts

What are the most common first and last names of attorneys in your jurisdiction? Find out!



We Want to Hear from You!

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And, as always, your thoughts and comments about product improvement are welcome. So that we may better serve you, please reference your LDM Number 90350658.



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