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News & Notes from LDMonline - May 2012


Helpful Hints from LDMonline

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If you haven’t already done so, be sure to get LDMonline on your handheld device.

LDMmobile is included at no extra charge with your subscription to LDMonline. Enjoy the flexibility of having all the information contained in the Red Books in the palm of your hand! LDMmobile connects to your full LDMonline account.

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What subscribers are saying …

"Having my Lawyers Diary on my phone is awesome. And it is so easy to use. Thank you!" - John Martinez

"I carry two phones, my personal phone and my firm phone – both have LDMmobile on them. I discovered it on my firm phone and immediately signed up for it on my personal phone, too. When I need to reach someone, now I am totally covered. Your phone app is great!" - Ginny Darlon

Tips & Tricks from LDMonline users

  • Looking for a legal professional? Enter a last name and the city where the individual works and your odds of immediately finding the person's full contact information rise dramatically.
  • Not sure exactly who you’re looking for? LDMonline lets you search by domain names or email address. Or search by title, even county, and much more.

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