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1Source Safety and Health, Inc. has a diverse staff of professionals including certified industrial hygienists (CIH), certified safety professionals (CSP), certified professional ergonomist (CPE) and certified professional environmental auditor (CPEA). Our professionals have expertise from the initial investigation to identifying the issues, origin, causation, and sources through the development of expert reports, depositions, arbitration, and providing expert testimony in court. Our expertise in litigation support and consulting is in mold, indoor air quality, environmental related diseases, nosocomial infections, Legionnaire’s disease, construction safety, OSHA, ergonomics, noise, asbestos, industrial hygiene, chemical exposures and workers’ compensation. Our staff has experience in various facility types including: hospitals, commercial, heavy to light manufacturing, education, pharmaceuticals, power generation, and private residents. Harry M. Neill, CIH provides expert consulting in the areas of mold, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, Legionella/Legionnaire’s disease and nosocomial infections. Colin J., Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP provides expert consulting services in the areas of safety, OSHA, safe patient handling, slips/trips/falls, construction safety, and workers’ compensation.

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    • Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP
      Vice President
      1Source Safety and Health, Inc.
      140 South Village Avenue, Suite 130
      Exton, PA 19341



      M.S., Civil Engineering, Marquette University, 1986
      B.S., Environmental Studies, Springfield College, 1972



      Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), 1995
      Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), 1990
      Certified Safety Professional (CSP), 1980
      Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA), 2000
      Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional (CSPHP), 2011



      • American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) since 1977. Fellow 2008
      • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HF&ES)
      • American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
      • Board Member of Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC), 1981-1986, Representative for the National Safety Council
      • Member of AIHA Ergonomics Committee 1988-1991, 1994-1996, 2001-Current, Chair 2010
      • Contributing Member of AIHA Noise Committee, 1980-1982
      • National Safety Council (NSC) Power Press and Forging Section, 1975-1979; Newsletter Editor, 1978-1979; Member 1975-1982 and 2000-2012
      • President- Philadelphia Section of AIHA, 1999-2000
      • President – Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP), 2012-2013



      • Ergonomics
      • Workers’ Compensation Cost Control
      • Health and Safety Audits/OHSMS Review and Implementation
      • Hearing Conservation (including Noise Control)
      • Machinery Safeguarding
      • Health and Safety Program, Policy, and Procedure Development
      • Contractor Safety
      1/00 – Current: 1Source Safety and Health, Inc. VP, Safety Management and Ergonomics
      2/94 – 12/99: ENSR/Galson Consulting Director, Ergonomics and Safety Mgt.
      9/93 - 1/94: BCM Engineers Section Manager
      5/82 - 4/93: EBI Companies Loss Control Manager
      5/73 – 4/82: Rexnord, Inc. Corporate Industrial Hygienist




      Key Projects by Specialty




      Ergonomics with a Fortune 300 Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, WI
      As Corporate Industrial Hygienist for Rexnord, Inc., Colin developed a company-wide overexertion injury control program. It was implemented at production facilities resulting in significant frequency, severity, and cost reduction. Some of the components of the program were: quantitative physical demand evaluation, training for all of the parties involved (management, supervisors, employees, and design engineers), identifying and assisting with the implementation of engineering changes, monitoring, responding to overexertion injury occurrence, and developing written programs.


      Office Ergonomics, Confidential Pharmaceutical Client, Philadelphia, PA
      Mr. Brigham developed ergonomic training programs for this client to significantly reduce frequency, severity, and costs associated with office ergonomics. The project began with a full site activity survey of this 1,200 employee corporate facility. Working with the clients medical staff, Mr. Brigham designed all components of the ergonomics program for this facility.


      Ergonomics with the Department of Defense, Norfolk, VA
      Mr. Brigham was a project manager involved in the development of ergonomic risk assessment methodologies that were then applied by teams under his technical direction at 21 Air Force bases. In the completion of the base visits by a field staff of 8 individuals, over 2000 processes and 5000 tasks were analyzed. Risk ranking was performed, quick fixes and control approaches were also provided to these bases. Some of the products from this project now appear on the Air Force Ergonomics Web Site.


      Ergonomics with Hospitals and Nursing Homes
      Mr. Brigham has developed programs at a number of healthcare facilities that helped reduce the frequency and severity of injuries to healthcare workers during patient transfer activities. A seminar on patient transfer techniques was held for all healthcare clients. Mr. Brigham discussed exposures of concern and controls to reduce injuries and illnesses arising from them. Vendors were also invited to display their new devices, with hands-on use of their devices encouraged. He developed a healthcare ergonomics seminar and presented at the seminar, which was co-sponsored by Galson, the American Hospital Association (AHA), and the Pennsylvania Healthcare Association (PHCA).


      Essential Job Function (EJF) Evaluations for a Large Defense Contractor, Confidential Client
      Mr. Brigham performed a number of essential job function evaluations to help the subject contractor in the placement of individuals with disabilities. This helped to satisfy Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance concerns and reduce workers' compensation costs, in part by assuring effective return-to-work.


      Ergonomics with a Worldwide Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer
      Mr. Brigham has helped the subject firm to develop and implement a global ergonomics program. This included the development of an ergonomics section on their website, basic risk evaluation tools, brochures and other education materials, training and hazard prevention and control tools. This project is in its fourth year.


      Ergonomics with a Self-Insured Pool of 80 School Districts
      Mr. Brigham helped to develop a DVD entitled Special Education Ergonomics: Saving Your Back for this group of school districts, assisting in writing the script and obtaining footage at the school districts. He has also helped these districts address their other ergonomic needs.


      Workers’ Compensation Cost Control


      Providing the V.A.S.T. Difference, EBI Companies, Philadelphia Area, PA
      As Loss Control Manager for an insurance company, achieved a 75 percent reduction in indemnity claim frequency over a five-year period for companies whose policies were written by the office. Also achieved a significant improvement in the workers’ compensation experience modification for these companies. Played an active role in developing and managing effective return-to-work programs. Through the use of programs such as The True Cost of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses and he helped companies to save millions in workers’ compensation costs.

      Injury and Illness Frequency Reduction, Confidential Hospital, Allentown, PA
      In providing program review, ergonomic evaluation, training, control recommendations and other support, helped this 750-bed hospital to reduce their lost workday incidence rate from 5.9 in 1993 to 3.5 in 1996.


      Health and Safety Audits/OHSMS Review and Implementation


      Annual Corporate-wide Audits, Rexnord Inc., Milwaukee, WI
      As part of a corporate team with four members, Mr. Brigham had the responsibility for conducting annual health and safety audits at the 52 manufacturing plants of a Fortune 300 company. These were performed during a 9-year period at 52 manufacturing plants in 14 states and Canada.


      OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Gap Analyses, Numerous
      These analyses were performed for a group of hospitals, a Fortune 300 Aerospace Manufacturer, two locations of a Fortune 300 Printing Company, and a large Lighting Products Manufacturing company, helping to benchmark their performance and processes against the VPP participation guidelines. They resulted in service provision to address the gaps that were found, helping the clients to qualify for participation.


      Health & Safety Audits – RR Donnelley and Sons Company
      Mr. Brigham was involved in the design and conducting of detailed safety, health, and environmental audits. The process began with a comprehensive review of historical performance data, policies and procedures, and management structure review. Systems for tracking follow-up were provided. A total of 8 facilities were audited in 1998, a similar number in 1999.


      OSHA Injury and Illness Reporting & Recordkeeping, Confidential Client
      Audits of these practices were made at three locations for this client, seeking to determine if practices were proper and the process operating effectively. This client received major DOD criticism and sanction for failing to have an effective process. The audits identified deficiencies and suggested methods of improvement.


      Audit of Safety and Health Management Program, Confidential Hospital Client, Michigan.
      Designed and conducted a detailed assessment regarding the effectiveness of the safety and health management program as it existed. Review of historical performance data, policies and procedures, and management structure were the first step. Interviews were conducted with 15 managers who had responsibility for a portion of the programs. A detailed cost study was done that considered workers’ compensation costs, claims management, medical treatment, near-misses, training, program development, and JCAHO audit preparation. A comprehensive report was developed which detailed the findings, provided a management action plan, and a prioritized list of actions which will increase the effectiveness of the safety and health management program while decreasing operational costs. The estimated annual pay back is $350,000 to $400,000.


      Hearing Conservation (Including Noise Control)


      Hearing Conservation Program Administration, Rexnord, Inc, Milwaukee, WI
      As Corporate Industrial Hygienist, helped develop all aspects of this Fortune 300 company’s hearing conservation program including: noise surveying, identifying and directing audiometric testing needs, hearing protection, training, and noise control. This included involvement in OSHA citations, worker's compensation claims, and mitigation design. Detailed design was performed, from identification of noise sources through specification of treatment methodologies, selecting desired materials and approaches, specifying performance criteria, obtaining proposals, and following through to completion.


      Machinery Safeguarding


      Fortune 300 Printing Firm, Multiple Locations
      Served as one of two outside consultants on a corporate safeguarding team, with each individual becoming team leaders in performing assessments at company locations. Mr. Brigham lead over 6 assessments, ranging from 3-5 days each onsite. The assessments included all machinery, required referencing of specific standards, and providing of basic control recommendations. They resulted in the reduction of amputations by 50% in the first year.


      Machinery Safeguarding, Rexnord, Inc, Milwaukee, WI
      While on the corporate staff for over 3 years, led the efforts to help all facilities to develop and implement a program to keep hands out of the point of operation whenever the equipment was energized. This involved meetings at sites, membership on the National Safety Council Power Press and Forging Executive Committee, performing assessments, providing control approaches, and tracking hazard abatement.


      Health and Safety Program, Procedure, and Policy Development


      Pharmaceutical Industry Health and Safety, SmithKline Beecham, Philadelphia, PA
      Served as the project manager assisting a major pharmaceutical company in the development of their Occupational Hygiene Manual for worldwide use. This involved review of national and international standards and guidelines to develop a universally applicable product. Mr. Brigham also served as a team member in the development of training manuals for hearing conservation and hazardous energy control.


      Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Within a Variety of Industries
      Helped a flag manufacturing company, clothing manufacturer, chemical product packaging company, laundries, research laboratories, and others to control, anticipate, recognize, and evaluate this exposure. The assistance included the use of "Five Fingers, Five Facets" and other tools to assist in data analysis, workplace and work practice review, training, selecting and implementing exercise programs, and suggesting engineering controls. Symptoms surveys and employee questionnaires and discussions were used for information gathering. Workers' compensation costs were reduced.


      Fall Protection Code Standards Review and Checklist
      Performed an analysis of the ANSI/ASSE Z359-2007 Fall Protection Code and related OSHA standards for a worldwide petrochemical company, developing a document that they could provide to their EHS staff. This document included a synopsis of these standards and a checklist that they could use as a self-audit tool that would enable them to benchmark again the major requirements of these standards.


      Infection Control within the Healthcare Industry
      As Loss Control Manager, before and after the issuance of OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, provided assistance to hospitals and nursing homes to identify the steps necessary to prevent illness due to this exposure. Work included: the development of confidentiality standards and protocol to satisfy OSHA concerns regarding confidentiality, the identification of work practice and design changes to reduce significant exposures, assistance in developing written programs, and monitoring and responding to incidents.


      Contractor Safety


      Construction Safety and Health Management
      Provided and managed 1-3 people for construction safety and health support, being primarily industrial hygiene, for a refinery project involving over 1000 contractors during a 15-month period. This site achieved over 1 million hours worked without a day away injury or illness.


      Workers’ Compensation Insured Contractor Loss Control
      As Loss Control Manager at EBI Companies, worked with their insured contractors to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. This included program evaluation and development, job site visits/reviews, toolbox training sessions, program training, and accident investigations.


      Contractor Safety Program Evaluations at 13 Locations
      Performed contractor safety program evaluations, as part of overall health and safety audits, at 13 locations of a Fortune 200 manufacturing firm. This included observation of practices, interviews with workers, and review of written programs.


      Pharmaceutical Company Contractor Safety
      Assisted in developing the written contractor safety program. Managed the conducting of contractor safety training and monitored their activities during the construction of this facility. Interacted with the Safety Director and contractor representatives.


      10 and 30-Hour Construction Safety and Health Training
      Provided both the 10 and 30-hour training to clients, including mixes of individuals at all knowledge and experience levels. Was an OSHA Outreach Trainer for Construction.


      Job Hazard Analysis


      Rexnord, Inc., Milwaukee, WI (previously a Fortune 300 manufacturing firm)
      While Group Safety Director, assisted several locations in developing and implementing programs for Job Safety Analysis/ Job Hazard Analysis.


      Aerospace Client, Pennsylvania
      Performed Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) training for this client’s staff responsible for conducting these analyses, reviewed their draft JHAs, and helped in developing final products. Some of these JHA were eventually folded into their existing Job Instruction Training, reducing the need to reference multiple forms when performing training or review.


      Foamex International, Linwood, PA
      Helped this client to develop a Preoperational Process Review training program for their project managers from around the United States. This training included several company-specific exercises to improve attendee learning.


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      Harry M. Neill, CIH
      Vice President
      1Source Safety and Health, Inc.
      140 South Village Avenue
      Exton, PA 19341



      • MS, Industrial Hygiene, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA- 1987
      • BS, Environmental Engineering Technology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA- 1986



      • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) in Comprehensive Practice by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene - 1993 - Certificate No. 5997



      • American Board of Industrial Hygiene, Diplomat
      • American Industrial Hygiene Association, Local and National Member




      Environmental Health Protection Consultants, Cherry Hill, NJ 6/87 – 12/87

      Staff Industrial Hygienist performing asbestos surveys and environmental quality assurance monitoring during abatement. Industrial hygiene exposure monitoring for various chemical contaminants.


      BCM Engineers, Inc Plymouth Meeting, PA 1/88 – 1/94

      Staff Industrial Hygienist promoted to Senior Industrial Hygienist, managed staff and performed industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, and microbiological and environmental infection control investigations and remediation plan development.


      Galson Corporation, Plymouth Meeting, PA (Sold to ENSR Corporation 8/99) 1/94 – 12/99

      Senior Client Manager, managed staff and performed industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, and microbiological and environmental infection control investigations and remediation plan development. Worked with building systems engineers and occupational health physicians for indoor air quality and microbiological building problem resolution. Marketing and proposal development.


      1Source Safety and Health, Inc, Exton, PA 1/00 – Present

      Vice President and a founding partner. Manages staff and performs microbiological, indoor air quality and environmental infection control investigations and remediation plan development. Develops expert reports for litigation support. Maintains QA/QC program for technical issues related to mold.



      • Building Moisture and Microbiological Investigations and Remediation Plan Development
      • Indoor Air Quality Survey Assessments, Planned Program Development and Remediation
      • Industrial Hygiene Program Development
      • Environmentally Related Infection Control Investigations and Cancer/Illness Cluster Investigations
      • Response to Catastrophic/Emergency Events such as Building Fires, Sewage Releases, Floods, and Building Evacuations




      Key Projects by Specialty


      Building Microbiological and Moisture Investigations and Remediation Plan Development


      Investigation and Remediation, School Districts, in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey

      Responsible for developing a sampling plan and coordinating the efforts of industrial hygienists and building engineers in the inspections of several school buildings for microbiological amplification and identification of major moisture sources and pathways. Developed remediation specifications and cost estimates, held contractor walkthroughs, and acted as project manager for the Districts during the remediation. Facilitated indoor air quality task force meetings made-up of parents, teachers, administrators and various union representatives. Coordinated with an occupational health physician to investigate occupant complaints of building related disease. Projects were unique as they involved and crawl space, ground water, building envelope, HVAC system and roof moisture issues, HVAC contamination and several public meetings.


      Mold and Moisture Evaluations Multistory Hotels, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and New York

      Retained by insurance carriers, owners and law firms to address allegations of mold growth due to water incursion through façade, condensation, and vapor transmission and negative pressurization of the building. Reviewed other experts’ reports. Performed inspections, moisture content testing and microbiological sampling throughout hotels. Worked in conjunction with forensic architects and structural and mechanical engineers to identify causes, sources and pathways for moisture and mold growth. Developed mold remediation specifications and managed remediation projects to successful completion for reconstruction and ultimate occupancy of hotels.


      Microbiological and Moisture Investigations and Expert Report Development, Multiple Insurance Company and Plaintiff Clients, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Delaware

      Performed multiple microbiological and moisture investigations in residential structures, commercial buildings and healthcare facilities in response to water release, fires, sewage back-ups, construction defects and for insurance claims management and plaintiff case development. Worked with architects and structural and mechanical engineers, medical professionals and mycologists and counsel. Developed expert reports identifying cause and origin of microbiological growth, contamination and/or amplification with recommendations for remediation efforts and post remediation sampling parameters. Assessed appropriateness of remediation efforts proposed by other experts and their opinions on mold growth cause and origin.


      Indoor Air Quality Survey Assessments, Planned Program Development and Remediation


      Proactive Indoor Air Quality Survey Programs School Districts and Office Buildings, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

      Provided technical guidance in the development and implementation of a proactive indoor air quality surveys for multiple buildings. Data was collected both in the morning and afternoon to identify the effect of occupant loading on building systems. IAQMS® data management system was used to evaluate the data and establish a benchmark against published criteria. The surveys were successful in identifying deficiencies in HVAC operations and maintenance, as well as, occupant practices that negatively impacted the indoor environment.


      Indoor Air Quality During Construction and Duct Cleaning, School Districts and Healthcare Facilities Pennsylvania and Delaware

      Developed specifications for the maintenance of indoor air quality during the renovations, additions and new construction while the buildings were partially occupied and the cleaning of ductwork that had microbiological contamination. The specifications for IAQ maintenance programs were for demolition, roofing work, construction and finish work performed in phases during occupancy. Duct cleaning specifications were developed for the cleaning and sanitizing of non-porous ductwork. Supervised on site personnel who enforced specifications and performed sampling to determine that ductwork was cleaned properly.


      Investigative Indoor Air Quality Surveys in Response to OSHA Letters of Complaint, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey

      Investigated allegations of healthy symptoms, mold growth, allergies and exposures from primarily office employees and employees in non-industrial settings in response to OSHA Lettersof Complaint. Reviewed the operations and maintenance of the HVAC systems. Managed the sampling activities and provided the level of expertise needed to address the concerns of employees and those of OSHA.


      Industrial Hygiene Program Development and Implementation


      Policy, Program and Training Development, Industrial Clients US Operating Units

      Assisted in the development of policies and written programs with training materials for: Respiratory Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Industrial Hygiene Hazard Assessments, Indoor Air Quality and Hearing Conservation. These documents were developed to provide consistent information across all operating units from a compliance standpoint. Performed baseline industrial hygiene sampling for multiple airborne contaminants and noise exposures.


      Response to Catastrophic Events such as Building Fires, Sewage Releases, Floods and Building Evacuations


      Response to 26 out of 30 Students with Rashes, Pennsylvania School District

      Conducted staff and administration interviews and assisted in developing a review form for the students to identify the etiology and cause of the rashes in the students that occurred in defined period in one section of a seventh grade class. Performed dust characterization sampling and identified that elevated levels of fiberglass were the cause of the rashes and pin pointed the source, which was found in the Art Room. Provided recommendations for remediation including; wet wiping and HEPA vacuuming. There were no other reported cases of the rashes after the remediation efforts.


      Immediate Response to Evacuation of Office Areas, Confidential Clients Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

      Responsible for developing immediate responses to address the evacuations of office buildings due to occupants experiencing severe eye and upper respiratory irritations and the perception of unknown odors. Performed occupant interviews, HVAC inspections and developed sampling plans to identify the cause. Sampling, interviews and report presentation satisfied the occupants who returned to the buildings with no further incidents.


      Immediate Response to Multistory Building Water Releases or Flooding Events, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Washington, D.C.

      Responsible for developing immediate responses to address water releases in several multi-story office buildings. Performed initial moisture impact mapping, assessed hidden areas of water damage including, elevator and mechanical utility shafts, and layers of wall, floor and ceiling assemblies. Assessed impact to asbestos containing building materials. Provided guidance on removal and drying of building materials working with restoration contractors. Performed post drying and water restoration assessments including moisture content testing and mold sampling to allow for re-occupancy of the buildings.


      Environmental Infection Control Investigations


      Legionella Outbreak Investigations and Control Programs, Confidential Hospital and Manufacturing Clients, East Coast and Mid-West, USA

      Responsible for developing a Legionella bacteria control programs for several hospitals’ domestic hot and cold water systems and cooling towers. In developing the programs, operations and maintenance of the domestic hot and cold water systems and cooling towers were reviewed. The programs included preventive maintenance procedures, guidelines for decontamination and suggested water sampling locations. The main purpose of the control program was to limit conditions that promote amplification of Legionella bacteria and if needed, guidance was provided to decontaminate the water systems. Responsible for developing and implementing a sampling approach to identify environmental sources of Legionella bacteria in response to confirmed nosocomial Legionnaires Disease involving several deaths. Sampling identified the presence and suspect sources of the Legionella bacteria which were latter sub-typed to match patient specimens. Decontamination recommendations were provided as an interim measure as the hospitals investigated permanent engineering solutions.


      Aspergillosis Outbreak Investigation, Confidential Hospital Clients, East Coast and Mid-West, USA

      Responsible for coordinating a team of industrial hygienists and engineers, and developing and implementing an approach to evaluate for airborne and surface Aspergillus species in Bone Marrow and Burn, Oncology Units and in their associated HVAC systems in response to confirmed nosocomial cases of Aspergillosis infection. The investigations included sampling for airborne and surface microbiological contamination, airborne particle sizing, HVAC maintenance and operations evaluations, room pressure relationship determinations, and a review of construction activities. The surveys identified potential sources of contamination and provided recommendations for cleaning of HVAC systems, patient rooms, and to control dusts generated during construction activities


      Tuberculosis Engineering Controls Evaluations, Confidential Healthcare Clients, Pennsylvania


      Responsible for coordinating a team of industrial hygienists and professional engineers during a phased approach to identify deficiencies associated with the supply and exhaust air systems. Developed temporary ventilation controls to minimize infectious droplet nuclei while permanent controls were being designed and implemented. The project was unique because it involved multidrug-resistant TB, heat recovery systems, ongoing renovations, and inadequate as-built drawings.



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  • Testimonial- Click Here to View/Hide

      Harry M. Neill, CIH and Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP



      2012, U.S. District Court for Southern District of West Virginia – Civil Action No. 3:11-ev-00152 Deposition Testimony

      Roger Hoschar and Judy Hoschar v. Appalachian Power Company and Industrial Contractors Retained by plaintiffs to provide opinions on the existence of a recognized health hazard associated with accumulation of bird droppings (Histoplasma capsulatum) and what safety and health protections should have been in place prior to and during work activities conducted by Mr. Hoschar

      2011, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia County - Testimony

      Ahlam Khalil v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Insurance Company et al
      Retained by defendant State Farm to review plaintiff’s expert’s sampling data and mold remediation protocol, contractor scope of work and bids and site conditions for appropriateness and extent of necessary mold remediation
      Issue: Real property and contents damages

      2011, Arbitration Proceedings – Testimony

      Michael and Anabela Nolan v. Martin Harrison, et al
      Retained by contractor who built second floor onto the Nolan residence to provide opinions on the formation of mold growth in the attic and scope and costs of necessary mold remediation.
      Issue: Property Damage

      2010, Arbitration Proceedings – Testimony

      Ann Segich v. Wilson Oil, Brookhaven, PA Residence
      Retained by homeowner to provide opinions on a No. 2 fuel oil spill and residual indoor air quality issues after remediation
      Issue: Property Damage

      2010, Injunctive Relief Hearings – Testimony

      220 W. Rittenhouse Square Condominium Association v. Myrna Stolker
      Retained by Ms. Stolker to perform inspections and mold sampling and provide opinions on the extent and nature of necessary mold remediation.
      Issues: Property Damage, Causation and Extent of Remediation

      2010, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Monroe County No. 707-CV-2007 - Testimony

      Lydia Bodon-Soto v. Arlene Cohen
      Retained by defendant to review previous sampling data and provide opinions on exposure potential to molds.
      Issue: Personal Injury

      2009, Circuit Court of Desoto County, Mississippi – Cause CV2008-0177 – Expert Affidavit

      Elizabeth C. Smith v. Park Management, LLC, Regency Park, LP and J.H. Thames , Jr.
      Retained by plaintiff and provided Expert Affidavit on exposure potential to Histoplasma capsulatum.

      2009, State of Delaware Industrial Accident Board (IAB No. 1333954) – Testimony

      Kenneth Hughes v. Sea Watch International. LLC
      Retained by Claimant to review documents, material safety data sheets, and product use to provide opinions on nature of exposure.
      Issues: Personal Injury

      2009, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Recorded Testimony for Trial

      Renee DiEmidio v. Delaware County Memorial Hospital, BWC No. 3451280
      Retained by Crozer Keystone Health System to review material safety data sheet, product use to provide opinions on exposure potential
      Issue: Personal Injury

      2009, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Chester County CCP No. 07-07591 – Testimony

      Sharples v. DeSanto, et al
      Retained by homeowner to provide opinions on extent and causation of hidden mold growth and wood decay, timeline, and fungal (mold) impacts to the occupied portions of the residence.
      Issues: Property damage, causation, and timeline

      2009, Arbitration Proceedings Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Testimony

      Orrison v. Farmers New Century Insurance Company
      Retained by insurance company to provide opinions on causation of mold growth, timeline, and cost and scope of mold remediation.
      Issues: Property damage, causation, timeline

      2009, Arbitration Proceedings Scranton, Pennsylvania - Testimony

      Konsavage v. Edrich Realty Company
      Retained by insurance company for the property owner to provide opinions on causation of mold growth, timeline, effectiveness of remediation, mold exposure
      Issue: Personal injury, causation, timeline

      2009, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Testimony

      John F. Kruger, III v. Upper Perkiomen School District, BWC No. 3306364
      Retained by the School Districts Insurance Consortium to perform ozone sampling study and mold and moisture evaluations
      Issues: Personal Injury

      2008, State of Delaware Industrial Accident Board – Testimony

      Harry Walker v. Charter School of Wilmington (State of Delaware – Red Clay Consolidated School District
      Retained by Charter School of Wilmington to perform moisture and mold evaluation.
      Issues: Personal injury, causation, mold exposure

      2008, Deposition Testimony, Washington, D.C.

      Anderson, Gannon, Foster, McLeod, Mackell v. 2200 M Street, Millenium Partners, LP, et al
      Retained by owners of Ritz Carlton condominium units to perform moisture, mold and microbiological evaluations.
      Issues: Personal injury, real and personal property damage, completeness of remediation

      2007, Arbitration Proceedings, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Testimony

      Stamato v. Erie Insurance Co.
      Retained by Erie Insurance Co. to review site conditions, damages and mold remediation estimates
      Issues: Real estate and personal property damage

      2004, Mediation Proceedings, New York, New York

      Hauppauge Hotels v. Tritec Building Company
      Retained by Tritec to review opposing experts’ reports for mold growth and remediation cost estimates and to perform independent moisture and mold evaluations at two Long Island hotels
      Issues: Real property damages, causation analysis, extent and magnitude of damages

      2002, Deposition Testimony, Wilmington, Delaware

      Puraty v. State Farm Insurance Company et al
      Retained by Donna Puraty to perform moisture and mold evaluation of personal residence
      Issues: Causation analysis and completeness of remediation


      EXPERT REPORTS (partial list)

      2012, Causation of mold growth, timeline and extent of damages

      CND Properties, LLC v. Animal Junction Inc. Warminster, PA
      Attorney: Robert W. Small, Esq.,. Berlinger & Small

      2011, Causation of mold growth, timeline, and extent of damages and remediation

      Betty Ash v. Chester Valley Engineers, et al, Phoenixville, PA Residence
      Attorney: Dave Shannon, Esq. and Nicolai Shurko, Esq. Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin

      2011, Presence of mold growth, timeline, microbiological exposure potential

      Hurst v. CAM Design Architects et al, Phillipsburg, New Jersey School
      Attorney: Joan Osborne, Esq. Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas, LLP

      2010, Causation of mold growth, timeline and extent of damages and remediation in attic
      Roslyn, Pa Residence
      Attorney: Meyer Simon, Esq., Lamm Rubenstone, LLC

      2010, No. 2 fuel oil spill and residual indoor air quality issues after remediation

      Ann Segich v. Wilson Oil, Brookhaven, PA Residence
      Attorney: William Hobson, Esq., Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman

      2010, Fiberglass, dust, and mold exposure and extent and appropriateness of remediation

      West Chester, PA Residence
      Attorney: Thomas R. Harrington, Esq., Cozen O’Connor

      2010, Causation of mold growth, timeline, extent of damages and remediation

      Utecht Residence
      Attorney: David Scaggs, Esq., The Granger Firm

      2009, Presence of mold growth, timeline, mold exposure and personal injury

      Gage Residence; Section 8 Housing
      Attorney: Matthew Marrone, Esq., Lucas and Cavalier, LLC

      2009, Presence of mold growth and extent of damages

      Waynesboro Country Club v. Ehert Construction Co and Niles Bolton Associates
      Attorney: David T. Bolger, Esq., Powell, Trachtman, Logan, Carrle & Lombardo

      2008, Presence of mold growth, timeline, personal injury and extent of damages

      Zimmerman Residence
      Attorney: Jay Todd, Esq., Saltz Polisher, P.C.

      2008, Causation of mold growth, timeline, extent of damages,

      Sharples Residence
      Attorney: Christopher Curtin, Esq. and Jane Sheilds, Esq., MacElree Harvey Ltd.

      2007, Causation of mold growth and extent of damages

      Goldfus v. State Farm Fire and Casualty
      Attorney: Charles Fisher, Esq., Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP

      2007, Causation of mold growth, extent of damages and appropriateness of remediation

      Dr. Toni San Maria Casale v. The Travelers Indemnity Company
      Attorney: Kevin C. McNamara, Esq., Thomas, Thomas & Hafer, LLP

      2007, Presence of mold growth, extent of damages and appropriateness of remediation

      Peterson v. United Water of Pennsylvania
      Attorney: Thomas S. Brumbaugh, Esq., Thomas, Thomas & Hafer, LLP

      2007, Presence of mold growth, timeline, and extent of damages

      Hueber Residence
      Attorney: David J. Scaggs, Esq., Blair H. Granger & Associates, P.C.

      2006, Presence of mold growth and appropriateness of remediation

      Marian T. Daniels v. The Partnership CDC v. JBL Construction Services and Colin Dawson, RA
      Attorney: David J. Shannon, Esq., Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin

      2006, Causation of mold growth, extent of damages and appropriateness of remediation

      St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church v Kane Roofing, et al
      Attorney: Jeffrey C. Sotland, Esq., Mintzer, Sarowitz, Zeris, Levda & Meyers, LLP

      2005, Causation and extent of mold growth, property damage

      June McWilliam and James McWilliam v. K. Bayer Service Corp. et al
      Attorney: William K. Conkin, Esq., Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin

      2005, Causation of mold growth, extent of damages, personal injury, mold exposure

      Kessler v. Two Independence Place Owner’s Association, Platsoucas. et al
      Attorneys: Alan Charkey, Esq. White and Williams and Robert Cavalier, Esq., Lucas and Cavalier, LLC

      2005, Presence of mold growth and extent of damages

      Lewis Residence
      Attorney: Robert Jacobs, Esq., Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A.

      2005, Causation of mold growth

      Joann Conrad v. Robert Millar, t/a Millar & Sons
      Attorney: Paul C. Troy, Esq., Kane, Pugh, Knoell, Troy & Kramer, LLP

      2004, Indoor Air Quality exposures, personal injury

      Arrington v. SEPTA
      Attorney: Dolores Rocco Kulp, Esq., Kolber & Freiman

      2004, Causation of mold growth, extent of damages, remediation cost estimates

      Tallon Residence
      Attorney: John Mc Kenna, Esq., Mac Elree & Harvey, Ltd.

      2004, Causation of mold growth, time line and extent of damages

      Chris Kaminski and Sharon Brown v. Americorp Relocation, et al
      Attorney: Elizabeth D. Lubker, Esq., Ryan, Emory & Ryan, LLP

      2003, Causation of mold growth and effectiveness and appropriateness of mold remediation

      Hirsh v Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit
      Attorney: Steven A. Bergstein, Esq., Engel, Wiener and Bergstein

      2003, Scope of mold remediation

      The Inn at Penn
      Attorney: Kevin Amadio, Esq. Venzie, Phillips & Warshawer

      2002, Indoor Air Quality and Mold Exposures, personal injury

      SEPTA North Broad St. Tower Switch Room
      Attorney: Stephen Vedro, Esq., Office of the General Counsel SEPTA


      Colin J. Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP


      Expert Witness – Deposition and/or Trial Experience

      Brandon Crocker et al. v. National Starch Chemical Company
      Workers’ Compensation Occupational Disease Case
      Documents Review and Report, Attended Trial March 20-21, 2011
      This case involved hand painting that was being performed on doors and other surfaces adjacent to the office area of a manufacturing plant. The plaintiff alleged that the exposures caused reproductive effects during her pregnancy that led to fetal abnormalities. Colin was retained by the defendant.

      Donna Johnson et ux. v. Hafner & Son
      Airborne Chemical Exposure Liability Case
      Testimony at Trial: September 23, 2009
      The Court of Common Please of Luzerne County, Wilkes-Barre, PA, No. 5934-2005
      Colin served as the industrial hygiene expert for the defendant. The defendant was a subcontractor performing work inside a Sealy, Inc. manufacturing facility during operational hours. The claimant was a Sealey, Inc. employee alleging serious and permanent health effects arising from the activities of the defendant. It was a jury trial, with a quick, unanimous ruling in favor of the defendant.

      City of Philadelphia – Fire Department
      Occupational Noise/Workers’ Compensation
      Francis Hanson and Thomas Jackson, et al. v. City of Philadelphia
      Noise Surveys followed by a Deposition: October 29, 2004
      Colin had performed extensive noise surveys of the Philadelphia Fire Department fire fighters in March 2003. This surveying involved full shift sampling where he rode with the fire fighters and medics during their calls, ate with them, and slept in their firehouses. The deposition was in response to claims that the fire fighters sustained occupational hearing loss as a result of their duties.

      Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. v. Patient Handling Systems, Inc.
      Patent Law Case Regarding an Ergonomic Device
      U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
      Civil Action No. 97-C-1568
      Deposition: November 1999
      Testimony at Trial: January 23, 2001
      Colin was brought in as an expert witness to give a deposition and testimony at trial regarding the ergonomic evaluation of air transfer mattresses, reports of evaluations of said equipment signed by him, presentations on these devices, and knowledge regarding changes in these devices.


      Expert Witness – Other Legal Experience

      Rexnord Inc. v. U.S. Department of Labor/OSHA
      OSHA Contest of Citation, Inspection #010678548
      Open: 5/23/1977
      Close: 1/12/1984
      Colin served as the lead company individual in contesting of this OSHA citation. He managed the response to the citation including the retention of a noise control expert witness, coordination between internal staff, outside counsel, and inside counsel. OSHA was requiring total noise enclosure of approximately 17 large mechanical power presses while Rexnord Inc. wanted to pursue, and was actively pursuing, other methods to reduce employee noise exposures. The case was settled with one enclosure tried, no additional ones installed.

      The Dial Corporation
      Hearing Loss Case
      Dates: Between 1994-1995
      Colin was brought in as an expert witness regarding hearing conservation and noise control. He evaluated the adequacy of a hearing conservation program at the subject company, reviewing noise surveys, audiometric testing results, hearing protection provision, and other factors to render an opinion. (Due to a fire at the 1Source place of employment in May 2000, additional detail regarding this case is not currently available).

      USDOL – OSHA v. Hanover Foods Corporation
      OSHA Compliance/Hazard Abatement Verification
      Dates: August – September 1997
      The subject firm had OSHA inspections at one of its facilities that resulted in initial penalties of approximately $350,000. Colin was brought in to perform hazard abatement verification and an OSHA gap analysis to assist both in compliance and safety and health performance improvement.

      Birch v. The Pepsi Bottling Company
      Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Title I
      Deposition: Scheduled for November 2002
      Colin was brought in to serve as an expert witness identifying whether the functions not currently able to be performed by the plaintiff are essential functions and whether accommodation would be reasonable. The effort began with a tour of the defendant’s facilities, review of job descriptions and other documents, and discussions. The defendant’s expert report was reviewed and critiqued.

      EP Henry Corporation
      Community Noise Level
      Planning Board Meetings: June 12 and 24, 2003
      Colin was retained to serve as a noise expert in determining the community noise impact for a planned manufacturing site in New Jersey for the subject company. Measurements were made at a similar existing facility in Pennsylvania, modeling done to project noise levels at the New Jersey location, and recommendations made to assure that the noise levels at the new facility would meet the applicable codes. Testimony was given at two hearings. The Planning Board approved moving forward the proposed construction.

      Tropicana Resort and Casino Noise Survey
      Community Noise Level
      Noise Surveys to Assist in Cessation of Strike Disturbances: October 2004
      1Source Safety and Health, Inc. was retained, with Colin as the project manager and noise expert, to assist in determining if activities performed by employees striking against the subject employer were resulting in noise levels that violated community noise standards.

      Stuart Plante v. Herr Industrial, et al.
      Accident Investigation/OSHA Compliance/Workers’ Compensation
      Document Review and Report Provision: 2005 – Current
      The plaintiff was a contractor who sustained injuries felt to be as the result of a fall at one of the defendants work sites. Another of the defendants was involved in work site modifications that were felt to contribute to the injury occurrence. Colin was retained by the plaintiff’s attorney to review the facts of the case to determine if there were violations of OSHA or other standards or negligence on the part of other parties leading to the injury occurrence.

      Adam Helsley and Laura June Growden v. Jefferson Asphalt Products Company
      Shiftwork/Drug and Alcohol Policies/CDL Requirements
      Document Review and Preparation for Deposition: October 2007
      The plaintiffs were alleging that the defendant required one of their employees to work excessive hours and did not have the required drug and alcohol abuse prevention program, thereby leading to an automobile accident that killed the employee, the driver of another car, and severely injured an occupant of the car. Colin was retained by the defendant’s attorney to review the facts of the case to determine if the defendant was in violation of DOT or other standards or otherwise negligent.

      Maria Fortuna v. Corning, Inc., et al. v. Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Accident Investigation/Equipment Defect Liability Case
      Document Review and Presentation before Joint Lawyers and Experts: 2007-2009
      As the provider of safety and health services for the School Districts Insurance Consortium (SDIC), a workers’ compensation pool for 80 school districts, Colin was brought in to determine accident causation and correction for a case where a teacher sustained electrical shock and head injury as a result of using a hotplate. A $2 million product liability award was made.

      Francis Gross et ux. v. Wessner Trucking et al.
      Explosion at an Industrial Site (Grainery)
      Document Review and Report
      The Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County, No. 06-2102
      The plaintiffs brought suit against the defendants for injuries from a June 2005 gas explosion at Albright’s Mill. The mill used the services of Wessner Trucking to deliver grain. Colin served as a safety and industrial hygiene expert for the defendant.

      ING Furman Selz Investors III LP Matrix Metals LLC Claims
      Company Sale with OSHA Liabilities and Related Claims
      Facility Visits, Documents Review, and Report in 2009-2010
      The sellers retained Colin to evaluate the cost of OSHA-related and TCEQ activities required to conditions present during the period of sale. The sellers were able to recover a significant amount of the set-aside agreed upon at the time of sale.

      Marcelino Ruiz et al. v. Nissin Foods (U.S.A.) Company, Inc.
      Fall from Elevation
      Facility Visit, Documents Review, and Report in 2010-2011
      The plaintiff’s attorney retained Colin to review the facts regarding the case involving a 12 foot fall from a work platform to a lower level. The plaintiff fell onto a forklift on the lower level and then the floor below it.